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The “Quang Tri Humanitarian Relief Fund” is a major project here in Vietnam for our Helping Hands Foundation. This project will specifically target helping Individuals and Families in Quang Tri who are suffering from the effects of “Agent Orange”!

We already have tremendous support from the Local Quang Tri Newspapers and Government Officials. But unfortunately, their “support” is in the form of “encouragement” rather than “funding”!

It is estimated that about 500,000 children have already been born in Vietnam with a wide range of birth defects (because their parents or their grandparents were exposed to Agent Orange).

These effects are likely to continue for generations to come due to the residual toxic dioxin contamination of the soil and ground water! Sadly, it took the American Government more than 35 years to finally start a (rather insignificant) effort to decontaminate a small area around their military base in Da Nang (where Agent Orange was stockpiled).

Needless to say, the Vietnamese people in Quang Tri have especially suffered from the effects of Agent Orange. You only need to visit the numerous hospitals and institutions in the villages and towns to see the most serious effects of Agent Orange!

For sure, our initial effort cannot hope to help the severe birth defect cases (that need to be cared for by the hospitals and the institutions). But, we strongly believe that our efforts can help those families with less severe cases and that are still living in their villages. They truly can use our help!

If you would like to participate in their new “Quang Tri Humanitarian Relief Fund” efforts (or any other Helping Hands Project), please just contact Henry (at +84-90-727-9735 or or Linh (at +84-90-811-2828 or for more details.

ANY and ALL support will be greatly appreciated!Even a Small Contribution will still make a Big Improvement in the Lives of Individuals and Families who desperately NEED our HELP!
Thank you!

helping hands