Samrong Children's Farm

WWCF (World Wide Children Farms) was founded by Mr Sjef Philipsen as an independent non-profit NGO Dutch organization that manages the “Samrong Childrens Orphanage” near Phnom Penh Cambodia.  Dr Sam Sokvyrak is Samrong’s Director.  Samrong (like most other Cambodian Orphanages) is supported by a small staff of dedicated volunteers.

“Children’s Farms (like Samrong) are a home to children ‘from the streets’ and the ‘garbage dumps’. They sleep, play, and learn on the farm. The children care for cattle and other animals.  They assist in the Farm’s vegetable garden and orchard. They learn (and perform) traditional music and dancing.  They go to public schools during the day and receive other training in the afternoon.  They basically do everything else that other children do.  For these orphans, the Samrong Children’s Farm is their ‘home’ in all respects”.

WWCF and Samrong offer the Children of Cambodia Opportunities and a Future!

If you would like to help support the “Samrong Childrens Farm” (or any other Helping Hands Project), please just contact Henry (at +84-90-727-9735 or or Linh (at +84-90-811-2828 or for more details.

ANY and ALL support will be greatly appreciated!
Even a Small Contribution will still make a Big Improvement in the Lives of Individuals and Families who desperately NEED our HELP!
Thank you!