“Cambodia’s Hope” was founded in 2003 by Terry Kellogg as a Charitable Organization which focuses on supporting needy children in Cambodia.

“As privileged people, Cambodia’s Hope intends to generate opportunities for less fortunate children in Cambodia, leading with our heads as well as our hearts.  We will create a nurturing environment for these children, enabling them to reach their highest human potential through health, education and recreation.  We will support these children to become self-sustaining leaders in business, academia and agriculture in Cambodia.  And, to help fill the intellectual and cultural void caused by the human decimation of recent decades.”

Cambodia’s Hope sponsors “Palm Tree” and several other Orphanages in Cambodia.

If you would like to help support “Cambodia’s Hope” (or any other Helping Hands Project), please just contact Henry (at +84-90-727-9735 or or Linh (at +84-90-811-2828 or for more details.

ANY and ALL support will be greatly appreciated!
Even a Small Contribution will still make a Big Improvement in the Lives of Individuals and Families who desperately NEED our HELP!
Thank you!