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A letter from the Co-Founders

Linh and Henry need your support to endorse and to help fund our new “Quang Tri Humanitarian Relief Fund” here in Vietnam!

Henry Heirigs and Linh Nguyen have supported various worthwhile humanitarian causes here in South East Asia for the past several years. They have now formed a (Not-For-Profit) “Humanitarian Relief Foundation” here in Vietnam!

The “Quang Tri Humanitarian Relief Fund” is a major project in Vietnam for “Helping Hands”. This project will specifically target helping Individuals and Families in Quang Tri who are suffering from the effects of “Agent Orange”!

If you would like to participate in their new “Quang Tri Humanitarian Relief Fund” efforts (or any other Helping Hands Projects), please just contact Henry (at +84-90-727-9735 or henry.heirigs@earthlink.net) or Linh (at +84-90-811-2828 or thuylinh.nguyen@earthlink.net) for more details.

And, please feel free to share this with all of your families, your friends, and your associates. Our real hope is that you can also help us attract other like-minded Individuals and other Organizations or Companies who are interested in supporting Helping Hands!

ANY and ALL support will be greatly appreciated!
Even a Small Contribution will still make a Big Improvement in the Lives of Individuals and Families who desperately NEED our HELP!
Thank you!